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2019 Coaches


18 Fury - Madison Ream

Played at Bishop Dwenger powerhouse High School, and Ft. Wayne Volleyball Club throughout her high school career. Madison helped with Little Spikers this past summer, and helps develop players in the back row. Madison is currently studying Chemical Engineering at Purdue University.     

17 Blackout - Aubrey Adams & Ben Bednarezyk

Aubrey played volleyball at Hoosier Volleyball Club throughout her high school years, and continued her volleyball journey playing for the Purdue Women's Club Team. Aubrey is currently the Vice President of the Women's club. Aubrey is currently working on her masters degree. Ben is a setter for the Purdue Men's club team. We are excited to add their setting and defensive knowledge to our coaching staff! 

17 Hurricanes - Jason Hassett

Jason has coached several age groups in his 15+ years of coaching. He has led our volleytots, volleylites, and little spiker youth programs. Jason's expirience goes beyond the youth programs however, as he has coached at Logan Volleyball Club, Pioneer Volleyball Club, and several ages here at Performance Point. As a coach, he enhances his athletes talents, as well as helping his players develop leadership skills. 

16 Ice - John Hodul

This will be John's second season at Performance Point, last year John led our 17 Blackout team. John was a middle hitter for Lewis, and helped lead Lewis to the NCAA Men's Final in 2015.  John is currently working on his Ph.D in Chemistry. We are ecstatic to have John's intensity in our gym for a second year. 

16 Twisters - Jon Vernon & Sierra Vanhorenback

Jon has a lengthy coaching resume, from Logansport to Pioneer, Munciana Indy, Benton Central and now Point.  Jon currently is the Varsity coach at Benton Central High School. His experience and volleyball IQ helps make our coaching staff one of the best in the area.  Sierra is a former Performance Point athlete, who helped lead her team to win a championship at Bluegrass during her time at Point.  This is her second season coaching, and she bring grit and determination to her players. 

16 Force - Scott Mattson & Chase Davis

Previous University of Michigan - Dearborn Coach, Scott is a competitive and passionate coach, he went on to coach several high school teams and club teams after his time at the collegiate level. Chase, a recent high school graduate, will be joining our staff this year. Chase, a current Purdue student, played throughout his high school career, and bring out the best in his players, continually pushing them on and off the court. 


15 Cyclones - Erin Lang

Erin played two sports, volleyball and track, throughout her college career at Norbert College. Erin is originally from Wisconsin, where she played several years of club. This is Erin's second year coaching with us, Erin brings strategical, and defensive knowledge to our club. She is currently working on her Ph.D. in Chemistry at Purdue University.

15 Freeze - Lyndsey Smith & Kirsten Frey

This will be Lyndsey's second year coaching at Perfomance Point, this past summer she led littlespikers and volleylites. Lyndsey played for Lafayette Area Volleyball Academy during her high school career, as well as for Faith Christian High School. Joining her is Kirsten, who is a former player for Pioneer High School., and current Purdue Student. They bring high energy and fast-paced training to our club. 

15 Storm - Aleea Barnett & Megan Wall

Current Tecumseh Middle School Coach, Aleea Barnett, will be in her second season at Performance Point. She has coached three years at the middle school and high school level. Megan played at Clinton Prairie and Civic during her high school career. This will be Aleea and Megan second year coaching together, having coached the 14 Tornadoes last year. 

14 Avalanche - Shelly Pullins & Kierston McKinley

Shelly has been coaching for Performance Point for over 14 years, she also serves as our assistant club director. Shelly has over 15 years of experience coaching. Shelly was the varsity volleyball coach at Frontier High school, then spent time coaching at St. Joe College before becoming a varsity assistant coach at Harrison High School.  Kierston has been involved with volleyball for over 17+ years.  Kierston is a graduate from Frontier High School, where she played volleyball, and Purdue University. They bring high energy and enthusiasm to their teams, developing their players into high caliber athletes. 

14 Firestorm - Keri Beisel & Morgan Taylor

Current Harrison High School JV Coach, Keri, and Freshman Coach, Morgan Taylor, team up for a second year together at Performance Point. Keri played collegiality for Ancilla, and brings defensive strategy and knowledge to our volleyball club. We are excited to have this energetic duo back in our gym for a second season. 


14 Tornadoes - Darci McKinney & Britney Smitley

Darci's passion for volleyball has been displayed through coaching, Darci coached for Benton Central, as well as for Performance Point. Her Daughter plays for Indiana University East. We are thrilled to be bringing Darci's passion, experience, and knowledge back to our gym this year.  

14 Blizzard - Abby Switzer

We are excited to have Abby join our coaching staff this season. Abby played as a defensive specialist for Hamilton Southeastern High School, and Team Indiana. She is currently attending Purdue University where she is majoring in Elementary Education. 

13 Cyclones - Brian Grimes

Brian is a graduate from Ball State, where he played volleyball. Brian continued to share his passion for the game as a coach, as he has coached at several colleges, high schools, and clubs. Brian is a highly qualified coach, and develops players into well rounded athletes.   

13 Typhoon - Andy Schilling & Emily Martin

Andy can coach players from all age brackets.  His resume consist from coaching in college to coaching in High School.  Be prepared to raise your game!!  Emily played for Rossville and Point. She coached 14's at Point before going to college.   


13 Whirlwinds - Madison Matz & Natalie Isbell

Megan was an assistant coach in our 14's age group last season, she played for McCutcheon and Performance Point. Megan helped with our Little Spikers program this past season. Natalie assisted with our volleylites this past session, and has been playing volleyball for over 5 years. Natalie played volleyball for Performance Point this past season on our 17s team. 

13 Bolt - Bryan Thomas & Brooke Thomas

Bryan has coached volleyball for several seasons, he has coached 5 - 6 years here at performance point, and is a strong fundamentals coach. Bryan helps athletes develop correct fundamentals to help them advance to next level play. Brooke played collegiality and is prepared to help your athlete reach their volleyball goals. 

12 Thunder - Sarah Sailors

Sarah played at ICC & Eastern Carolina. She has previously coached at Kankakee College, and coached here at Performance Point several years before. We are thrilled to have Sarah rejoin our coaching staff this year, and we value the knowledge she brings to our club.

10 Lightning - Alex Dexter, Jill Warren, & Jason Hassett

Alex, a previous performance point player, has been playing volleyball for over 5 years. Alex was the varsity setter for West Lafayette this past season and help lead her team to win a sectional title. Alex will help teach athletes to have a vision of the court, and to help make strategical decisions. Jason has coached several age groups in his 15+ years of coaching. He has led our volleytots, volleylites, and little spiker youth programs.