Programming for Youth, Juniors and Adults

Adult Volleyball

Sept 22-Nov 20    Monday  Coed Quads  7:00-10:00  $160 per team

    Tuesday  Women’s Sixes  6:30-8:30    $240 per team

    Thursday  Coed Sixes   7:00-10:00  $240 per team

Dec 1 -Dec 22  Monday  Coed Quads  7:00-10:00  $ 80 per team

    Mini- League  Thursday  Coed Sixes   7:00-10:00  $120 per team

Volleyball Tourneys

Nov 1  Spooks and Spikes Tourney Coed Quads King and Queen $15 per player   12:00-5:00

Nov 22 Turkey tourney  Coed Quads King and Queen $15  12:00-5:00

Dec 27 Jingle Ball/New Year Bash Coed Quads King and Queen $15  8:00- 2:00

Y league

  Sept 21-Oct 19   Sunday-Wednesday   Y-League  5th-8th  grade  $125 per player

    Days and Times: Sunday 1:00-2:30pm /Wednesday 5:30-7:00pm

Y league is a training program for boys & girls 5th – 8th grade that practices for 3 hours per week and competes in additional "play days". This program is designed to help prepare athletes to play on their school and/or club teams. While still emphasizing fun, the training for this program will be in a slightly more intense, team-centered environment with an introduction to team offensive & defensive systems.

Youth League: Little Spikers

Sept 22 – Oct 20  Mondays  Little Spikers  3rd-5th grade  $50 per player

Nov. 3- Dec 1  Mondays  Little Spikers  3rd-5th grade  $50 per Player

Days and Times: Mondays 5:45pm -6:45 pm

In addition to volleyball fundamentals such as serving, passing, setting, hitting & rules of the game, participants will improve hand-eye coordination, balance, body awareness, footwork, agility, spatial awareness and communication with an emphasis on "FUN"damentals and TEAMWORK.


Junior Club Program

Oct 12  Sunday   Informational Parents Meeting   Gym   3:00-5:00

Middle school warm-up clinic  

Oct 26  Sunday   8th grade and under  3:00-4:30pm  $10 per player

Junior Club Program 

Nov 2   Sunday  Try-outs for the 8th grade and under   

Nov 9-16-23  Sunday  Tryouts     ALL Ages 9-18   

Dec 7-10   Sunday/Wednesday   Meet team and practice


October 12   Parents Informational Meeting   3:00-5:00 pm   YWCA Gym

October 26  Warmup Clinic for 8th grader and under  3:00-5:00 pm   YWCA  Gym

November 2  Tryouts for 8th grader and under      YWCA Gym

Sunday  12 years old and under   12:30-2:00 

  13’s       2:00-3:30

  14’s       3:30-5:00

  15’s or 8th graders       5:00-6:30

November 9  Tryouts for 9th grade and up 

Sunday  13’s     12:30-2:00

  15’s 8th and 9th graders        2:00-3:30

  16’s          3:30-5:00   

  17’s and 18’s    5:00-6:30

November 12  Tryouts for

Wednesday   12’s and under      5:30-6:30

  14’s    6:30-8:00

November 16  Tryouts for

Sunday  12’s and under    12:30-1:30

  14’s    1:30-3:00

  15’s    3:30-5:30

  16’s    5:30-7:00

November 19  Tryouts for  

Wednesday  13’s    5:30-7:00

  17’s/18’s    7:00-9:00

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6. Financial Authorization Form
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